Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta Start Date Announced

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Activision has announced the first beta session for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's blackout mode. In the case of private multiplayer beta this month, the first blackout test will be specifically reserved for PS4 players and will close on September 10.

The Blackout Black Ops 4 battle is on Royale. In addition to a brief glimpse into the game's latest trailer, however, Activision has not yet shared many details about the mode. Similarly, the publisher did not provide much information about Blackout Beta, but official Call of Duty Twitter account revealed that players will have three different options for playing mode: Single, Duos and Quad.

To access Blackout Beta, you will need to pre-order a copy of Black Ops 4. While the first session will only be available on PS4, the activation will later host additional beta sessions for other platforms. Xbox One owners will also need to pre-order the game to participate in the Blackout beta, but the PC player will be able to jump without even securing the title.

The Blackout mode of Black Ops 4 was announced for the first time in June last year. Developer Trayk says that the studio has ever made the largest map - about 1,500 times bigger than Nucatown. The developer also revealed that the mode is heavily attracted by the previous Black Ops Games and it has features of land, air and sea vehicles - although we have heard last time that the trayark was still uncertain on the player's blackout count.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PS4, Xbox One and PC release on October 12. In addition to the blackout, the game will launch with an extended zombie mode. However, this will not be a traditional single-player campaign; Instead, the player will be able to start a series of single missions that will focus on each expert character.

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