Dishonored Series "Resting For Now," Dev Says

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Rose for prominence with the release of Arkane Studios Dishonor, a unique first person stealth-action game is famous for its immersive world and flexible gameplay. Since then, the series has become one of the most admired fans of the modern generation, but according to one of the studio's developers, it may be some time before seeing a new installment.

Speaking to VG 247, Arcan Lead designer Ricardo Bair revealed that the Dishonor series is at a break for this time. He said, "I can not say for sure what can happen under the road, anything can happen, but [Dishonor] is resting for now."

The latest Dishonor title was 2017's Death of the Outsider, which wrapped up the story of Dishonor 2 series series several months after a small standalone adventure set. But when a new Dishonard game can not be in the pipeline for the foreseeable future, it does not mean that the studio is moving away from the genre of the immersive world and emerging gameplay.

"The things that are important to us as a studio are consistent, deep world building and environmental stories - we are always going to prepare the places you feel you are traveling, whether it is Denvol or Talos 1 . " "It is as important as the player or the people you meet.

 Then this is an improved gameplay - gives players a bunch of cool abilities and tools, then say, 'you understand it, you are creative, you Become the master of the experience. '"

Bayer did not give any details of what the studio is working on next, but he suggested that the multiplayer could play a role. "Being able to share more online or involve multiplayer content, we can do it completely," he said. They also teased that in the future Araken titles can not be in the first person, because most of the studios are playing.

In addition to Dishonor: Outsider's death, Arken released the first person horror shooter boyfriend in 2017. This game recently got a new DLC extension called Moon. Arkane is also releasing asymmetric, hide and seek mode for a game named Typhon Hunter at the end of this year.

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