Don’t update to Pie if you own a Samsung wearable (Update: Fix and app name change)

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Update, August 14, 2018 (11:15 am EST): Samsung has fixed the problem listed below with the Samsung-branded Wirebail, which is not linking correctly with the Samsung Gear Android app. Along with Fix, Samsung has again split the Apple in the Galaxy Ware to promote the company's ambitions with Gallo Branding.

After updating the new Galaxy Warehouse app, you will eventually be able to use your Samsung Smartwatch, Headphones, and Fitness Band with your Android 9.0 Pie Device. In addition to rebrand (in addition to including the new Samsung Galaxy Watch), the app works similarly to Samsung Gear as it did.

Original article, August 9, 2018 (01:21 PM EST): Although there are not many phones that are currently capable of updating Android 9.0 pie, you should know that updating to the latest version of Android has some problems May be your Samsung wear.

According to users at Reddit, if you are running Android pie, the Samsung Gear app will not be connected to your wearable. The gear app will work fine on the phone, and smartwatch, headset, or fitness tracker will be okay automatically, but both devices will not be able to communicate.

If you try to add wearable with the Samsung Gear app on Android device, the process starts but then it crashes before completion.

While we do not have the exact list of affected wearable items, the reddit thread seems like this is Samsung's gear-wide issue, there is no problem with specific wearable substances.

Users are already complaining about the Google Play Store list for the Samsung Gear app, and the Samsung representative has worried about saying that the company is aware of this issue. However, we do not yet know a timeline for fixes.

Hopefully the fix will come soon because Samsung has launched the latest wearable in its roster: Samsung Galaxy Watch. Read more about this, and see our information on other devices Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been announced: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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