Harmony Hub with remote is essential home tech

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There was a time when I did not have a Hermione hub. There were three remote sat in front of my couch in Ottoman: one to turn on my Yamaha YHT-399 home theater system, to turn on another LG 65-inch television, and finally to control my Roku 3. To turn on a Roku remote At the time I tried to tell my girlfriend how it all works. It's not right

But then I raised and bought the Harmony Hub package seen at the top of this article. Now I have a remote that does everything, reaches a sweet Android app, and integrates with Google Assistant. this is much better.

Approved, this is an old version of Harmony Hub and its companion remote. New version - which you can buy for $ 120 here - is a newly designed remote interface and ... well ... it's about it. Not really anything wrong with the $ 55 package yet on sale.

As I mentioned, Harmony Hub links to Google Assistant, which means that you can issue voice commands and schedule routines in your entertainment system. I actually have a routine where I say, "Hey Google, let's see a movie," and the hormonate hub turns to my Yamaha stereo, turns on the TV, switches to the right input, and then on my Roku Removes Plexus.

Everything without touching the remote. It's glorious.

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