Jio Juice Is Coming Soon 2018

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Just a few days ago, jio announced on his official website that he would soon find a new product that would be elastic, named after Jo Ross

Recently, jio has given a major membership to jio for a year, giving you a great gift, that means you will not have to pay for the main membership of jio on March 31, 2012! Similarly, via Jo Ros, jio can offer another gift to the customer, from the site of this can be a free service for you!

jio releases the teaser of this product from his Twitter handle, although this new product will be completed, although it is not quite sure, but its accountant and poster can be reviewed and judged. jio Ross can be a mobile battery saver app or a new product can be bank! It will probably be used as an application for jio jio Ross, which you can use for mobile battery saver, battery booster!

Until now, Zia did not provide any information about the issue of jio Juice. About this, Xiao also writes that Zia Zoo will come soon (will come soon)

Zia has expressed this surprise over his Twitter handle, and jio Joe Juice made everybody fool for appeals. If this information is given to you personally, you can see in this photo.

If you are waiting for new products to come out of this new product and you want to use it, for the latest updates, please stay connected to the technewstt website. Here we will discuss about João Ross and jio. The latest information will continue to be available!

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