Matrix PowerWatch X review: The would-be future of wearables

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This almost smartwatch fitness tracker industry has done something interesting. To count calories and measure heart rate, we only need this tool.

Matrix Powerwatch X can be just that shake up we are looking for. This clock has a very light fitness and "smart" functionality, but still attracts attention with a show-stoping feature: it does not need to be charged!

That's right, it's a clock with a digital display and app that you can wear indefinitely, thanks to its proprietary thermoelectric technology to search without any power outlets. Powerwatch X (like previous models) is driven by the heat of your body, when you wear it, you charge it.

We all have pulled a similar move using the dynamic energy to the analog typespace. However, with notifications, a digital clock, a stopwatch, and more charge is never really needed.

Is matrix powerwatch x a device you want to wear on your wrist? Let's take a look into our complete Matrix Powerwatch X review.

Features and capabilities:

As I said earlier, this watch is not smart. It's also light on fitness tracking features.

It's a clock (of course), as well as a stopwatch mode and a running mode. It can receive notifications (SMS and phone calls), calorie counting, steps, and track sleep. The matrix also says that the adaptation clock faces are coming.

It all runs on a custom, very light OS, which you navigate with two buttons and dial one side of the device. To change settings and access your data, you need to use the app along with iOS and Android.

Instead of heart rate monitors, the clock calculates calories at least partially from the heat of your body. Given the transformation of the body into energy in summer, it is theoretically another way to get a good estimate. Obviously, the body generates 100 watt heat with ease, and jumps up to one kilowatt while exercising at that number!

That body is heat that gives the clock its longevity. It's never too good to charge your watch, and it makes a lot of sense for a fitness tracker. After all, if you are to count your steps and track your sleep, then where are you actually to charge these things?

Apart from this, it can be very useful for a long time campaigner who does not want to die halfway through their device travel. It's going to win the side with an environmentally friendly crowd, because bioenergy is very clean!

For the average, it may look like a small thing, but knowing that you will never have to charge your device at any cost. (Even if most fitness trackers only need to charge once every few days or even once in the weeks, the rest of the time!)

The interesting thing is that it does not heat your body so much that it charges the device, but the difference between your body's heat and ambient temperature. If you are running and warming up somewhere that is very cold, then in reality it charges fast.

When you turn off the device, it enters into a passive mode, unless you save it until you forward it. Obviously, it can stay in this passive mode for two years.


Therefore, there is not a ton of different features from the battery, which you can expect that the clock will really do some of those jobs.

Not so much.

Notifications are very basic, at the point where you are really notified that you have an incoming call, or an SMS has been received, and who is instead of saying it. To learn something about it, you have to open your phone. Worse, sometimes they do not come at all.

The predecessor of this device - Matrix Powerwatch (X is new) - actually comes without notifications. Instead you can always save some bucks and some frustration by achieving it.

Then sleep is tracked, as far as I can say that flat-out does not work. You should auto-detect when you do dose and there is no way to start tracking manually. According to Matrix Powerwatch X, I have not slept a nap in the last three days. Disappointing!


The app is also disappointing.

When I first got my review unit, I eagerly installed the app and got ready to set up the device, only to find that it will not be connected via Bluetooth. I tried again and again - even on a different phone, if it was not playing well with my honor 10.

Checking reviews on the Play Store, it came to know that I was not the only person facing this issue. To see if you need to sync the device to set it up, I'm really worried that I was not able to write this post!

Fortunately, while looking at the Indigogo page for the original Matrix Powerwatch (which uses the same app), I saw a comment stating that their clock would sync only one out of every 10 attempts. I decided to make a firm decision and eventually it was added.
Since then, the coordination has been a bit more reliable (though it is not correct). Otherwise the biggest issue is that the app is incredibly bare bones, which rarely provides more information than the clock face. Interaction is also odd, at that point where scrolling numbers do not work much to input, which means that I should be pressed 30 times "+" to enter my age (this starts from 0) and 77 times to enter my weight!

The app is also incredibly hungry. I had to charge my phone more often while using it.

Hopefully this will move some attention forward.

The design:

Although the concept is quiet, the design of the device is not quite space age. I think the clock powered by Bionergy is a kind of thing that Tony Stark wears. Sadly, I just can not see him - or anyone who loves the premium technology - especially eager to tilt this design.

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