PS4's Spider-Man Gameplay Launch Trailer Shows Off Explosive Action

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For less than a month to go to Marvel's Spider-Man, the latest action game hits PS4 in the prestigious franchisee, and now we are looking at the full gameplay trailer. In the above video, we see Spider-Man swing through the city, break through the windows, dodge the explosions, and, of course, fight with many enemies.

The trailer shows some of Peter Parker's incredible air feats, such as preventing a helicopter from crashing and facing the enemies on the high roofs in the sky. Early impressions of gameplay, such as our own gamepot crew, are very positive for people of Playthrough: Web Slinging and Parkour are as good as they see, and there is also a fighter system that is easy to choose but rewarding the experiment. Is complicated enough for.

This latest Spider-Man will take the story of the classic character in the original direction, not on the basis of the existing comic, film or game. You should play as Peter Parker and his superhero changes, and defend New York City with a super villain threat. 

The gameplay is in an open world setting, and you will also get the opportunity to play as MJ. In this game, he is a researcher journalist, and in at least one mission, you switch between you and Peter back and forth to successfully break out a big time crime master. Read more about GameSpot's early MJ gameplay impressions.

Marvel's Spider-Man is specially released for PS4 on September 7. There are several options to complete with a pre-order bonus, including Spidy suit packs and additional skill points (which allow you to unlock capabilities from the beginning of active finishers such as games, web grubs, or fast web swing).

 A standard version, a digital deluxe edition, and a collector's version, with more gifts inside each. If you want to go all out, there is also a complete Spider-Man-themed PS4 Pro setup with 1TB space. Check out our full roundup of ordering options, and see GameSpot's full Spider-Man gameplay impressions.

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