PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royale Pass and PUBG Mobile UPDATE 0.11.0: Zombie mode

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royale Pass details leaked :

Currently the PUBG mobile is in the 4 season and so passes on the royale that the winter season is celebrated with winter themed items. But there are rumors about the new season 5 release of Google Mobile which passes the new Royal Pass and it will be with a unique prize. New leaks on upcoming Season 5 offer that it will bring a new background for new skins, awards and games.

According to YouTube user Mr. Gegost Gamming, the new update will be 0.10.5 which will hit the server on January 21 and will also bring it to the new season. Season 4 of the PUBG mobile, which started during the Halloween season, will end at the end of January 17. Other updates in the update include Jombi mode, a new background that looks like a burning fire and new skin and cosmetic items.

We've come across screenshots showing previously zombies, and follow the signs found in this game before. Tensent Games announced on the end of the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge tournament in Dubai that RVC Games is collaborating with the Resident Evil 2 Remake team. This event was announced on stage, and then followed a video of a twitter and official Twitter handle on the game. The new update will bring all the feasibility a new subscription system, as well as we have anticipated for some time.

PUBG Mobile UPDATE 0.11.0: Zombie mode going live:


 PUBG Mobile Servers has been down 0.15.0 for the release of the update as Tencent, which last month brought the Evil 2 zombie Mode to the beta resident last month. 

Update: Reports are coming now that the new PUBG mobile update is going live, it's setting new Zombie  mode on Anjelje Map.

It should be noted that the new 0.11.0 rolling slowly and are not yet available for everyone. But all Android and iOS PUBG players should be taken in the coming hours.

Update One: A new PUBG mobile update is scheduled for tomorrow, October 19, for Android and iOS.

Naturally, fans should not wait for the new PUBG mobile updates when the servers are back online.

Fans may have to wait until the week before the new content is played, out of which Resident Evil 2 zombie mode is included.

From the recent report, the new PUBG mobile update is expected to go live on Tuesday, February 19.

However, until Tencent will not be confirmed until news coverage is broadcasted on one of their social media feeds.

For now, we know that the UK PUBG mobile servers will be down by 8am.

This is confirmed by a recent message from the Tencent Support Group, which reads: "The PUBG mobile will be taken offline from 12am to 8am (UTC) on February 18th, the service can be resumed sooner or later.

As mentioned in the message, server maintenance can end, i.e. PUBG mobile is going back online soon.

In terms of major changes with PUBG Mobile Update 0.11.0, there is a good idea about what will be included in our already.

As mentioned above, the recent PUBG mobile build has been in beta testing for some time.

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