PUBG Mobile season 13 leaks: v0.14.9 update to bring new weapons, vehicles & more:


PUBG Mobile Season 13 will launch on may, but the latest update of patch 0.17.0 is now LIVE!.After a season 12 full of events, everything has come to an end, but there is still time to finish your battle pass!The latest update brings a new shotgun, death reps, colorblind mode, the Erangle amusement park to celebrate the second anniversary of PUBG Mobile and much more.We are also prepared to bring at least three character masks and multi-weapon masks as part of the rewards of the royal pass.

What Is PUBG Mobile Season 13

The new update 0.17.0 of PUBG Mobile is already live tweeted to developers in the official Twitter identifier of PUBG Mobile. The new update celebrates the second anniversary with an amusement park mode in Classic Erangel. Season 13 of the Royale Pass is called “2gether We Play!” And it is expected to arrive on March 9. In addition to these, there is a new Arctic Mode, a new DBS Shotgun with AirDrop weapons, a new Arcade Mode, Death Repeat and Colorblind Mode

Information about PUBG Mobile Season 13

Full NamePUBG Mobile
PublisherPUBG Mobile Inc.
Size1.72 gb
Mod FeaturesPaid/ Unlocked
Latest VersionSeason 13
RequireAndroid 4.1/ Lucky Patcher/ Root
Latest UpdateMarch , 2020
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PUBG Mobile Season 13 Features:

PUBG Mobile Season 13 will launch on May , 2020. There will be no downtime for this update.It has been confirmed that PUBG Mobile Season 12 will end on March 3.Season 11 ranks will end and restart on March 9 at 12 a.m. GMT, and the ranges of season 13 starting at 2 a.m. GMT

Volume control of independent teammate:

A new feature now supports voice volume adjustment for a single teammate in battle. Players can adjust the volume according to the voices of their teammates.

Universal scoreboard:

In the new update, you can now place eight different types of bookmarks instead of just one.So you can differentiate between places of interest, enemies, animals, shelters, etc.

Colorblind mode:

Colorblind Mode was added in the Graphics Settings, which provides more color options for the indicators in the game, such as Poison, Smoke and Auxiliary Lines.

EvoGround game settings:

Survive until dawn and RageGear: the collection will be removed to make further adjustments after the update. Watch for the update notes for future release dates.

Team Deathmatch – Camera Enhancements:

Camera movement and position adjustment in some situations in FPP Team Deathmatch mode was enhanced to increase realism.

Improvements And Weapon Balancing

Weapons balance:
  • Slightly increased shooting speed of rifle burst mode.
  • Balance adjustment M16A4: firing speed in slightly higher burst mode and increased vertical and horizontal recoil.
  • Mk47 single shot damage increased from 46 to 48

Game enhancements:
  • Dacia and UAZ updated models
  • The UZI model was modified: a superior guide was added to equip the Red Point and the Holographic View
Improved skydiving animation:
  • Parachute descent and disappearance effects were added upon landing, and the character’s landing animation was improved
  • Control settings – Custom design enhancements: increased maximum button size adjustment capacity to 250%
  • Control settings – New custom settings function: the left trigger button can be moved outside the edge of the screen as long as the center point of the button is on the screen
  • Flame particle effect of Molotov Cocktail was improved
  • The explosion effect of Frag Grenade on different surface materials was improved.
  • Player waiting emoticons were added on all maps in classic mode. For example, the Shivering emoticon will be the emoticon on hold while playing in Vikendi. The emote on hold is only visible to the player and his teammates in battle.
  • A second confirmation was added to the Reset button in the Custom Settings to prevent players from resetting the design by mistake.
  • The unnecessary virtual sound settings for vehicles were removed. Corrected the problems that the inactive volume of Dacia was too low, the inactive volume of the motorcycle was too high and the inactive volume of Rony was too high.
Functionality enhancements:
  • Enhanced Bluetooth headset latency on some Android models
  • Improved vegetation and combat rendering efficiency for softer games and lower power consumption.
  • Improved low level logic and user interface efficiency in some Android models for lower power consumption at the same frame rate
  • Increased combat frame rate of some low-end devices for a more fluid gaming experience
  • It further improved the energy consumption of some mid-range to high-end devices.
  • The frame length problem on some Android devices was improved for a more fluid operating experience.
  • Added support for streamers, plush, neon streamers and better user interface / fabric effects.

Other improvements

  • Equipment reserve added
  • Players with 50 or more synergies can send team reservation messages to friends in the game.
  • Players in the game can receive reservation messages from team of friends and choose to accept or decline.
  • When the reserved player returns to the Lobby, the system will send a notification for the duo to form a team.
  • Popularity Enhancements
  • Added the “Plane” gift of high value with additional reproduction effect in the player’s spaces
  • Message added Players can attach a message when they send sports cars or airplanes, and the player who receives the message can perform Pin, Reply, Delete and other actions (Block Message to Black List was also added).
  • A Send popularity gifts feature was added to the battle results interface of Teammate Spectating, EvoGround and Team Deathmatch modes.
  • Synergy feature improvements
  • Improved synergy when associating or giving coins among friends.
  • Some space gifts can also help improve synergy when sent to friends, which does not have a daily limit of increased privacy.
  • The proportion of synergy that increases when sending gifts in the store was adjusted.
  • The problem of losing the connection to the application in some situations was solved.

Radio feature:

The chat element “Radio” was added. Players can use Radio to post Radio messages, which have an exclusive effect, on the World channel
Players can receive Radio messages in the main menu or on the World channel, or choose to block the Radio channel in Settings
Crew Challenge Improvement
Player and crew checks are required for players participating in Crew Challenge. Players in a team need to link social platforms or complete missions in the game to increase their checkpoints and those of their team. Only crews that meet the corresponding verification requirements can advance to each phase of the Crew Challenge.
A fair and exciting game requires a safe environment. For the Group and Final stages, a safety test is required before the game begins.
Bonus Challenge – Tournaments
Experience the thrill of progress: Daily game -> Weekly game -> Part competitions

Anniversary Celebration Event:

There will be an anniversary celebration event starting March 12.During the anniversary celebration, everyone will work together to achieve the objectives of the event and receive rewards.
Individual events will allow players to claim rewards after completing the corresponding missions.
The event classification will give players several rewards corresponding to their points classification.

The achievements of the anniversary celebration return:

The achievement of the Anniversary Cake collection returns
Second anniversary of the new mini-game achievement
Anniversary exclusive login achievement

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass Details:

In the new Royale Pass, celebrate the second anniversary of PUBG MOBILE with the Royale Pass reward updates.Choose a final set of two. Anniversary themed items are returning to the store, don’t miss them!

The display of the purchase and update interface has also been improved and support for exclusive coupons (available at events) has been added.
Players who have not purchased a Royale Pass in the last 3 seasons (9, 10 and 11) and players who have registered in season 13 but who have not purchased a Royale Pass before will receive additional benefits when they buy this season.
More recently, some items from the Royale Pass were leaked. and YouTubers have been sharing what is offered.

There are three helmet masks that could come this season, all incorporating an elegant dragon appearance, as well as four backpack masks and, to the surprise of many, wingsuits.

A new character: Sara is coming, which is similar to Victor. Improve your character to gain skills.

 Weapon Skins RP

  • 1: Naughty Imp – QBZ (Epic)
  • 20: Unsleeping City Grenade (Epic)
  • 60: Past Glory – QBU (Legendary)
  • 90: Draconic Fury – AKM (Legendary)

New Outfits RP

  • RP 1: Thorn Bramble Set (Legendary)
  • 10: Thorn Bramble Headgear (Legendary)
  • RP 45: Unsleeping City Headgear (Epic)
  • 50: Unsleeping City Set (Legendary)
  • 55: Unsleeping City Mask (Epic)
  • RP 65: Syndicate Hat (Epic)
  • 70: Syndicate Tabard Set (Epic)
  • 95: Lava Beret Headgear (Legendary)
  • RP 100: Lava Beret Set (Mythic), Lava Beret Mask (Legendary)

 Magma Treasure Crate

You will get a total of 9 Magma Treasure Crate. Besides, you can also open crate at 30 UC or buy crate at 45 RP when you reach RP 100. Items included in this crates are

  • Cherubic Angel Backpack
  • Freestyle Top
  • Pants
  • Freestyle Shoes
  • Police Shirt
  • Police Pants
  • Bomber Hat
  • Jacket
  • Bomber Pants
  • Graffiti: Threaten, Armored Helmet, Cool
  • Silver Fragment

Free Outfits

  • RP 10: Street Performer Headgear
  • 20: Street Performer Mask
  • RP 30: Street Performer Pants
  • 35: Street Performer Shoes
  • RP 60: Street Performer Top

Vehicle, Plane and Helmet Skins

  • RP 15: Ice Sculpture Snowmobile (Legendary)
  • RP 30: Mischievous Mascots UAZ (Legendary)
  • 40: Unsleeping City Finish – Plane (Legendary)
  • RP 80: Dragonling Helmet (Legendary)

PUBG Mobile Season 13 FAQ:

What happens after season ends in PUBG mobile?
Yes. After a season ends, its range will be reduced by one level (for example: gold to silver, crown to diamond, etc.)
How long does a season last in PUBG mobile?
Actually, they are simple … Each Pubg season lasts about 3 months, and you can see that in the seasons section from the main menu. Last season ended in 3 months and this season season 3 is still in pubg mobile.
Which season is going on in PUBG mobile?
PUBG Mobile has officially confirmed that next season will arrive on January 10. This essentially means that the current season 10 will come to an end this week to make way for season 13. We have reported several leaks in the next season in the past and here is a quick look at everything you can expect.

PUBG Mobile season 13 leaks: v0.14.9 update to bring new weapons, vehicles & more:

 PUBG Mobile is all the rage in the gaming community and it has managed to keep up the hype with its consistent updates that bring fresh content to the game. The popular battle royale title on the mobile platform is going to get yet another update in the days to come and it will bring some new additions to enhance the gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 is just around the corner. The 0.14.9 update will introduce the new season into the game along with new weapons and vehicles that will be exciting for its players. Popular game tipster, Mr. Ghost Gaming leaked the contents of the new update in a video and confirmed that PUBG Mobile 0.14.9 will hit the servers on Jun 13.

Here's a look at everything that's coming in the new PUBG Mobile update:

PUBG Mobile Season 13

As in the case with any new season, the PUBG Mobile Season 13 will also bring new vehicle skins, weapon finish, parachutes, emotes and new frames. The Golden Pan has shared four new emotes that will be available to Royale Pass subscribers upon completing certain missions and levelling up their RP. There is also going to be an Ace Parachute with "S13" printed on top referring to the season 13.

Similarly, a season 13 -themed Kar98 finish looks incredibly cool, but don't settle for that. New skins for SKS, M16A4, UZI, Pan, and a new Dacia skin for your car are also a cool sight. There's a new RP 100 outfit that many players are going to love.

PUBG Mobile 0.14.9 changes

While the Season 13 additions appeal to the RP subscribers, there are new additions in the game that will be available to the masses. Those of you who play in Vikendi, there will be a new submachine gun called MP5K, which equips 9mm ammo and has damage of 33. It will support all the usual attachments of an SMS, including suppressor, extended mag, quickdraw mag, lower rail attachments, up to 6x scopes and tactical stock. In addition, there will be a new mini SUV called Zima in Vikendi with a top speed of 115 km/h and a new snow bike that replaces the regular bike.

If Vikendi is not your taste, watch out for a special attachment called canted sight. This is one of the most awaited attachments in the game, which has been leaked on several occasions and finally making its way to PUBG Mobile.

The Canted Sight is a secondary scope that can be used in all weapons. This is helpful while seamlessly switching between two scopes during combat. Additionally, pistols (P92 and P1911) get holographic sight support.

Interestingly, players will also get a companion with the new update. It looks like players will have to feed their companion, such as a falcon, to keep it healthy. The in-game use of the companion remains unknown at the moment.

Final Words:

Game lovers have more reasons to rejoice as the real multiplayer game PUBG will present an update sometime around March 4 of this year.PUBG fans look forward to discovering what the entire update will offer.
The PUBG Mobile Season 13 update will be titled as 0.17.0. It is already available in beta. The update would introduce new masks, clothing and accessories that are expected to be based on the theme of the celebration.

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