Spotify Premium Apk V8.5.51.941 Download (100% Working)

Are you a music lover and spend most of the time listing music? Then you have to try this Spotify premium apk 2020, where you can access more than 50M tracks, which will definitely make you day.
Plug your earphones and enjoy the infinite world of music, which will help you to relax your mood.
Spotify premium apk 2020
The difference between Spotify normal account and Spotify premium account is that Spotify normal one can only be accessed when there you have internet connection and you cannot download any songs and listen to it offline .
Most importantly you will be interrupted by advertisements in normal account whereas in Spotify premium account, you will not have any advertisement, you can download songs and listen to it offline. Another difference is Spotify normal account is free and Spotify premium account comes with a cost.
But, there are some limitations while enjoying Spotify music. In the Spotify free version, you may have to face ads issue while playing your favorite music, and you cannot download songs in your device and many others.
To overcome this problem, today we had brought Spotify Premium Mod apk in which you can use all Spotify paid features free of cost. Keep reading, and I will guide you on how you can use this premium Spotify apk in an effective way.

Download Spotify premium apk 2020

If you are wondered to download this Spotify premium free apk, then relax, because I personally test each and every mod apk before posting on thinkkers.
Spotify premium apk

I test all premium applications for their working, bugs and hidden malware. If the application passes all the tests, then I upload it here
App NameSpotify Premium
Size28 MB
Mod Version8.5.51.941
Offered BySpotify Ltd.
Mod FeaturesPremium Unlocked, No Ads
Updated On2 Days Ago
Installation GuideRead Here
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What Is Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify Premium Mod Apk is a modified (Cracked) version of the official Spotify app where you can enjoy all premium features like ad-free music, unlimited download, first access to new songs, and many more for free. Also, you can enjoy any of your loveable songs in 320kb/s quality, which gives you a crystal clear sound effect.
Spotify Premium Apk
With Spotify Premium Apk, you can:
  • Listen to your favorite songs
  • Create your own playlist and share it with others
  • Play music according to your mood
  • Get ad-free music experience
  • Listen to your song on any device
  • Save any music for offline play
  • Listen to the podcast for free
Spotify premium apk 2020 is like heaven for any music lover. From Hollywood to Bollywood, you can listen to any song, album, genre, or podcast without messing up your head. Also if you are a big fan of any singer, then you can listen to all of their songs just by searching the singer’s name. This Spotify Mod apk is the best option for anyone who can’t afford to pay its monthly subscription.

How to get Free Spotify premium Apk?

We all know some of us can not live without music. Songs are the only ways to change any person’s mood within minutes. Spotify Premium Apk provides you unlimited songs, you will not be interrupted by advertisements, you can download songs and listen to it offline, you will not get any storage problems, but these all features comes with a price. We know that it’s a burden to pay money. Do not worry we got you covered
Spotify Premium Apk icon
We are providing free Spotify Premium Apk. Yes, you read it right. We are providing free Spotify Premium Apk so that you can experience what it is to have a Spotify Premium Apk. This will change your music experience completely. There will be no such advertisements which will interrupt. You can listen to unlimited songs provided by Spotify Premium Apk not only songs but also speeches from different famous people.
Now to answer the question. Here in our website there will be bunch of Spotify premium accounts with username and password. All you have to do is simply just copy the username and password and paste it on the app in your device and that’s it. You will have Spotify premium account. You might find many other websites which will provide you Spotify premium accounts ,but do not waste your time as those websites will provide fake and unsecured free accounts. In our website we provide real and legit working premium accounts.

Why to Prefer Only Spotify?

There are many applications which plays musics in all languages and they have their own respective premium accounts but Spotify is the number one application which has many features and all songs in their respective languages. Spotify premium account not only plays musics but also plays speeches given by great people, this is one of the main features which other applications will not provide you. Some people play music while driving but there are some people who loves to listen to speeches where ever they go. Its an addiction for them just like for some people how songs are to them. There features are available in Spotify premium account
Spotify Premium APK Screenshot
Spotify Premium APK Screenshot
Spotify Premium APK Screenshot
Spotify Premium APK Screenshot

How does Spotify Premium Account work ?

How  Spotify Premium Account
Spotify premium account does not need any difficult steps to be done. All you have to do is go to our website and you will find couple of Spotify premium accounts. Select one username and password and paste it in your Spotify application. That is it, your work is done and you will get to experience Spotify premium account for free. You will get many features which are not available for other music applications.
One is it is advertisement free, it has access to all the songs, you can download songs and play it offline. The most important feature is that it has no storage limit for downloading songs. Yes, no storage limit. You can download as many songs you want by just getting a Spotify premium account for free in our website. Please do choose wisely, there will be many websites which will provide fake and unsecure accounts. Unlike them, we provide only real and legit working Spotify premium accounts

Spotify Premium Account Generator

Spotify Premium APK Screenshot
There are many methods to get Spotify premium account and Spotify premium account generator is one of them. It is more like a trick you can say. This generator method is quite easy and it only has few steps to be done. You need to download the Spotify premium account generator and open the application. You will find an option which says Spotify account generator. Click on the Spotify account generator and user credentials will be automatically generated and after that it is very easy. You just need to copy and paste the credentials which will give you the Spotify premium account
This is one of the methods to get Spotify premium account which by the way most of the people use and it is working fine. There are many happy customers of Spotify premium account and people just love the features of Spotify premium account. You can choose any method you want, you can either choose the first method or the Spotify premium account generator method. Ultimately both the methods will give you Spotify premium account
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Main Features of Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify premium Apk has plenty of features which are listed below. There are the features which can be only experienced in Spotify premium account not the normal account or any other music applications


Spotify Premium Apk Ad-Free
No-one likes annoying ads when listening to music. For removing ads on Spotify you need pay premium subscription amount, but with Spotify premium apk don’t need, this Spotify mod automatically detects Spotify ads, and block them, mainly Spotify serving audio and banner ads

Discover Music

Spotify Premium Apk
In 2012, Spotify added discover tab on Spotify, it one hottest and most liked feature of Spotify. vie using this you can search any song, podcasts, radio even if your friends have a public playlist you can follow him, moreover, if you lunch Spotify app first time than it asks for your favorite category and artists, after chosen favorites, Spotify starts showing songs collection according to your interest

Unlimited Skips And Shuffles

Spotify Premium Apk Shuffles
One of the main drawbacks is without a premium subscription, you get less control over your tunes. First of all, you’re limited to shuffle play for whole albums, which means you won’t be able to play your favorite song, instead of relying on a random selection order. But here you get unlimited Skips and shuffles with Spotify premium mod apk

Quality Streaming

Spotify Premium Apk Streaming
Quality always over quantity, with Spotify premium mod, always listen to quality music, according to your network its automatically adjusts the audio quality in 360pkbps, 160kbps, and 96kbps, you can also select the default audio

Car View

When you are traveling through car anywhere, and have been trying to change the song, but Spotify’s interface so difficult for quick song switching. To rid out of this problem, Spotify has a card view option, just go to settings and turn it on. Now Spotify automatically switches to car view whenever Bluetooth detected in your car.

More Features

  • Offline Music – You can download any song and podcast, even you can play local storage music on it
  • No Root Required – This Spotify mod don’t require any rooting, even you don’t need any extra extension
  • Live Lyrics – Spotify partnership with genius, to give you the story behind the song and lyrics. This now supports only English language and selected songs
  • Playlist – Create your favorite songs and podcasts playlist and directly share on social media accounts like Instagram stories and Facebook
  • Spotify Connect – Play Spotify on your speaker, sound system, or TV with Spotify Connect
  • Spotify Radio – Spotify automatically creates a collection of songs, based on your interest

No Download Limit

Spotify Premium Apk download-unlimited-songs
This is the feature which most of us wanted since many years. I bet we would all have wished for this feature. Well, guess what your wish just came true. Spotify premium account provides you access to unlimited downloading of songs and speeches which can be played offline after downloading. This feature is for only people who have Spotify premium account not the normal account
If you talk about other music applications. You must have heard about Wynk music which is popular in India. It also has some features but it has a drawback in that feature too. You can only download 3000 songs in Wynk music while Spotify premium account provides you unlimited songs and which is free of cost if you choose from our website

Offline Songs

Offline Songs
Has this ever happened to you when you are traveling some where far in a bus or train and you feel bored and you decide to listen to songs, when you take your phone and see there is no network available. You just have to be bored and travel in train or bus all by yourself without any entertainment. Do not worry this will never happen to you because Spotify premium account can play songs offline
You do not need internet to play songs in Spotify premium account, you can listen to music offline. All the downloaded songs can be played in Spotify premium account offline without any access to internet. This is the feature which most of us were waiting for

High Quality KBPS

Spotify Premium Apk High Quality KBPS
If you ever have any doubts regarding the quality of the songs then your doubts will be cleared by this feature. The size of the songs will be in kbps only. Do not underestimate it though, even though it is in kbps the sound quality will be remarkable and the size of the song will come up to 320kbps
So you don’t have to worry about the sound quality of the songs. It comes in minimum sized with great sound quality songs to give you the best experience of Spotify premium account
Spotify Premium Apk Quick Search Bar
Spotify application has millions of songs and it will take forever for you to search for the song which you want to be played in the list. Spotify premium account has got you covered in this. There is separate section for search box where you can type the name of the song and play it
It is not an ordinary search engine, it is well developed than the normal search engine. It is quicker in all aspects. Just type the first few letters of the song which you want to be played and the song will be there within the first few options, it is much advanced in Spotify premium account

Play on Multiple Devices

When you are working in laptop and you want to listen to music and work. It will be a disturbance whenever you want to change songs in phone while working in laptop. Spotify premium account has covered this problem as well. Spotify does not only work in mobile, it also works in laptops and pc. There is Spotify application for laptops, you just have to download it from a browser
The steps to get Spotify premium account for laptops are same as how to get on mobile. You just have to go to our website, there will be bunch of Spotify premium accounts listed there, choose one premium account and just copy paste it and you will be good to go. By following the steps you will get the same Spotify premium account in laptops and pc

How to Install Spotify Premium APK on your Android?

Step1: Download the latest Spotify Premium Apk from the Above Download link and Stored into your Sd Card or Internal Storage.
Install Spotify Premium APK
Step2: Click on the Spotify premium Apk file which you have downloaded from the above. You have got a Notice that says Allow from this source or not. Toggle the Allow from this source. Below Android 8.0 you have to enable the Unknown Sources from the Android Settings.
Install Spotify Premium APK
Step3: Install the Apk after toggled the allow from this Source. If the App is Successfully Installed, then You need to Open the App. Sign in to your Secondary Account or Signup.

Frequently Asked Questions

why to use only Spotify?
You will find many music applications in the internet but Spotify has always been the number one application for music for its best features and quality of it. There are extra features available in Spotify premium account which you will not find in any other music applications. Features like no advertisement, unlimited download, low size and best quality songs, storage free. These features are only available in Spotify premium account .
will the free Spotify premium account work for long duration?
If you search for how to get free Spotify premium account, you will find many websites which will provide free Spotify premium accounts but do not fall for the trap. Other websites will provide fake premium accounts and some might even provide unsecured premium account. Choose wisely before you make the wrong move. In our website we provide only read and legit working Spotify premium accounts which will work for a long duration of time.
does the generator method work?
Yes, the generator trick works. All you have to do is download the generator link from our website and it will work fine. Copy and paste the username and password. Do not make any changes in the username and password.
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Final Verdict

To sum it up, no matter which method you use. You will get Spotify premium account for free if you choose to download from our website. We strongly recommend you to trust our website and go for it. We will ensure that you will not regret it later. All we want is you all to experience the Spotify premium account and we know its a burden to pay money. That is why we are providing it for free. Just choose any of the method and follow the steps which we have recommended you to go and you will be good to go and enjoy Spotify premium account for free

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